Pre-employment Fit for Work Health Assessment
Getting a suitable person for the job, who has the physical capacity to perform the duties of the role is vital.

A pre-employment health assessment provides a comprehensive ‘top to toe’ review of the potential employee, and can at times raise health issues, or potential health issues, the person has no knowledge of, which can be addressed prior to

Pre- employment health assessments provide baseline health information, from which annual health monitoring can be compared, especially important when the role involves exposures to noise, chemicals, solvents, dust and other hazards.

  • We have a standard pre-employment document, but we can modify and add additional screenings, that may be unique to the industry being employed into. It is important that each health assessment is structured to suit the employee’s work activities within the company.

Why choose our Occupational Health Service

Engage Safety have years of experience assuring safe work environments and the safety of individuals at reputable workplaces across New Zealand. By choosing our service you can rest assured that you comply with all the latest safety standards and that you and your staff operate in safe and sound conditions.
Pre-employment Fit for Work Health Assessment

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